Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pre-Tevis "I haven't done enough" Jitters

Since I had the audacity to leave the state for a week (we went to Utah, ostensibly to pick up our new small dog puppy, but really just to spend a week going "oooooh" in Moab)(this will be the subject of a post hopefully this week before I forget it all), thereby missing two weekends of potential riding, I'm now suffering from the obligatory "I haven't done enough" and therefore Fergus can't possibly finish Tevis without becoming exhausted.

The fact that Fergus did 32 miles the previous week and will do CA Loop this weekend is neither here nor there. He needs more hill work. I need more time on him. We will never finish. Etc. Etc. I'm going to have to carefully balance this type of panic attack with putting some saddle time on him without overdoing it. We're out of town the weekend before Tevis, so that'll ensure that I can't ride him that last weekend - instead I'll just fret about not having ridden him.

Unfortunately, this last week we were gone it would appear that the other piglet horses ate most of the hay. I put everyone in together to make it easier for neighbours (aka "Feeding Angels") Bil and Wendi to feed, and Roo and, particularly, Fergus were noticeably ribby when we got home.

Small Thing, Hopi, and Uno, not so much.

So now the Worker Bees are getting fed five times their usual ration (much to their contentment).

Ducks in a Row

To try and quell the panic slightly, I started putting the ducks in a row.
  • Made an appointment for Fergus to have his feet glued by the excellent EasyCare Crew the Wednesday before the ride. Unfortunately, I've no idea what size glue-ons to get him, since his feet were such odd sizes in May for NASTR 75. Will hopefully work on this (and what sparsies he needs that I'll carry on the saddle) this coming weekend so I can get them ordered in a timely fashion to avoid back-of-mind-fretting.
  • Called Skito to figure out where the new saddle pad foams had gotten to. Turns out they'd delivered them about 30 minutes before I called, so Cinderella Roo now has new pad fixings to protect his poor bald-spotted back. And Fergus will have a spare pad if he needs it.
  • Started thinking about what tights to wear - keeping in mind my legs were rubbed to crap at 20MT 100 from my tights being too baggy. This might have been from trying to keep Fergus to an artificially slow pace to match our riding partner's slow-but-steady get-the-job-done tempo. This is, admittedly, less likely to happen at Tevis, but all the same it was an alarming thing to have happen. I have two pairs of identical green tights. I wore one pair at Tevis and I wore one pair at 20 MT. Must try them on back-to-back and make sure they really are identical. 
  • Figured out a cunning bra + sports bra arrangement to wear that will negate the need for a modest cami top (which makes my tummy hot) under my sunshirt. I will try it this weekend and see if it works or if wearing a double bra makes me chafe and feel like I can't breathe. 

Other things that need doing:

  • Figure out a driver for the rig from (ideally) Robie to Foresthill, then (icing on the cake) from Foresthill to Auburn Fairgrounds (and once there, set up a horse area by unhinging the Spring Tie, throwing down some shavings, hanging a hay bag, and filling a bucket).

    pft says he will do the Robie-FH section if absolutely necessary, but it makes him so anxious and uptight that I hate to do it to him. And it means he has to be up at Robie all day Friday, which he may not want to be, so I'd love to find a way around this.

    Ash is happy to drive it from FH to Auburn, but she's also on a time-crunch to get to Lower Quarry to volunteer there, so it would be better if she didn't have to go via Auburn Fairgrounds.

    I'm thinking hard about who would be willing to do this, but everyone I think of has other jobs that will require them to be other places during the necessary hours. If anyone reading this would be interested in the task, please let me know and I would be grovellingly grateful. My rig is a 3-H gooseneck with small front housie, and an automatic extended cab chevy. If you can pull a gooseneck, it's pretty much a no-brainer.
  • Order glue-on shells, adhere, and sikaflex.
  • Check for sparesie boots and make sure I have what I need.
  • Check the horse feed situation and make sure I have what I need (how can Tevis only be five weeks away???)
  • Figure out some sunglasses. My prescription ones aren't close to my current prescription and are so scratched they are worthless anyway. Either I get a pair of normal ones and go with fuzzy vision, or buy a pair of clip-on ones to go on my glasses. Or I go without (which I do most of the time when riding anyway) and just wear my glasses at night when my vision really deteriorates to the point that I can't recognise if that's one glow-stick or three.
  • Make sure I have enough people elytes (many of my capsules have been carried around in a ziploc on the saddle for two years... and are now elyte powder with empty capsules mixed in. Make sure there are really enough for what I need to consume).
  • Stop chewing the skin on the ends of my fingers so that they are raw. This doesn't help anything.

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