Monday, August 9, 2010

Update 2 on Jackit

I have Jack lunging very nicely and he has learned to work by voice commands and hand signals. I have had to go a little slower with him because he has virtually no stamina and the heat has not helped. Poor guy has sweat dripping off his eyelashes when I'm done with him.

I've been ground driving him and he did not like the ropes around his butt and bucked and kicked for several lessons, so I am continuing to work with him on that issue. I am hoping to start riding him this week if we can get thru one lesson without bucking or kicking. Jack likes to deal with things by kicking out or bucking and I won't get on him until I feel like he will be able to tolerate a rider without doing that.

He has lost some weight but that was not suprising, let me know if you want me to get him some grain.

Considering he was a bit chubby when I delivered him to the trainer's, I'm not too concerned about his weight, however if it becomes a problem I'll give her some beet pulp/rice bran or extra hay for him. Grain seems like the last thing he needs, right now :)

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