Saturday, August 21, 2010

Working on the Railroad

The last two days at work I got to animate a powerpoint presentation for the High Speed Train that is being planned for California. Interesting seeing the background as to how they figure out where to route the track. Unfortunately, they wanted about four days work squashed into two, so I didn't get home from the office until 10:30 Friday night - talk about pooped, but at least I don't have to work Saturday.

The plan had been that pft was going to meet me with pones at Cool after work Friday afternoon - so much for that. Instead he went out on his ownsome with Fergus and they had a fun ride ending up coming in under the light of an almost full moon.

Strangely, he reported that Fergus seemed kind of ouchy trotting on the trail - this was puzzling since I knew his feet weren't particularly long - so this morning I went and had a poke around. As best I can work out, Fergus has been growing a nice deep crevice in the central sulcus while I wasn't watching, so he got his frogs hacked up so that they aren't hiding anything they shouldn't and got treated. Hopefully the thrush will clear up quickly.

My other priority today was sleeping - which I managed quite successfully.

This evening we took Roop and Fergus (and Chili) over to Magnolia and did the mini Gerle Creek loop - kept it short and sweet since it was Roop's first proper outing since the spring. We still only went a couple of miles, but it was nice to be back on my real pone doing something other than his standard rehab route up and down the lane. Fergus was still a little ouchy, but happy enough to bop along.

Roop's time off has been good to his belly:

Some time between when pft tacked up on Friday and when he tacked up again this evening, Fergus' curb chain vanished, so on the way home we dropped by Cool and searched for it in the dark... no luck.

pft trying to figure out what happened to Fergus' curb chain:

We live in such a gorgeous place:

Good to be back on the trail on my pone again.
First real trail ride since the spring, even if it was short:

Chili got a baby aspirin when we got home. Have to see how creaky she is, but she seems to be doing good.

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