Friday, January 16, 2015

Tevis Archive

In 1997 Tevis hit my radar and overnight I was hooked. Being hooked meant that the following year I started doing web coverage (at that time Tevis didn't have any online presence at all, other than people emailing Ridecamp and saying "what's happening?!"). Managing the coverage single-handed was quite an undertaking and basically meant going without more than a few hours sleep from Friday morning through Sunday evening for the next six year's worth of Tevises. Great practice for future 100 mile endurance rides.

My basic web coverage gradually moved on to me living in Net Control during the ride, listening to the radio broadcasts from the various checks and frantically typing rider # in/out times into my laptop at 3 a.m. (all the while blearily transposing numbers). This segued into setting up and streamlining the more sophisticated "Where's my rider" database system (also used by sister event the Western States 100 Run) conjured up by Richard Goodwin a few years later and still used today.

Once the database system was in place, it freed me up to be able to go out and take photos and video of the ride - my early web coverage meant I hardly saw a horse during race day, which was not exactly ideal. 
Past Coverage and Tevis Activities

Having moved around a lot on the web, many of my early archives have been lost but I dug around and came up with the following. Some are links to overall web coverage of the event, while 2004, 2009, and 2014 cover my personal* posts on the subject.

(*In 2004 I trained for the ride with Provo and didn't even get to the start line. In 2009 Roo and I made an attempt [which apparently I still have yet to write up. Maybe it'll happen one day - parts of that ride are still crystal clear in my mind] and in 2012 Fergus and I finished. In 2014 Fergus gave me the best ride of my life and one that I'll never forget. Write-up still in progress)

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